Meet FemTech Pioneer Debbie Dickinson with Co-Founder and Daughter Markea

Debbie Dickinson (right) and her daughter, Markea Dickinson, Co-Founders of Thermaband

Tell us a bit about your company

What inspired you to start your business / what opportunity in the market are you seeking to address?

What is it about your personal background, experience, or perspective that fuels your passion for this venture?

What are one or two of the biggest wins or most encouraging experiences you’ve had so far?

Source: Thermaband
  • User insights are invaluable.
  • Staying connected and listening intently.
  • Build as leanly as possible and validate along the way (Lean Startup was invaluable).
  • Follow your heart and passion, even when others are not yet onboard.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • The only true failure is that which you were too afraid to pursue.

What is an obstacle that you are grappling with as you continue to build this venture?

What surprises have you encountered as an entrepreneur? Something out of left field?

How can the WAFFA community help you?



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