Founder Spotlight: Bari Harlam

A look at Trouble

2 min readMay 28, 2021
Bari Harlam, Founder Trouble

Tell us a bit about your company

Trouble: The purpose is to raise as much money as possible for non-profits doing the hard work on closing gender equity gaps. Trouble allows us all to honor and recognize TroubleMakers, courageous disruptors for good. Trouble donates 100% of profits from purchases.

What inspired you to start your business/ what opportunity in the market are you seeking to address?

The need to accelerate progress on closing equity gaps for women & girls.

What are one or two of the biggest wins or most encouraging experiences you’ve had so far?

Launching on the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment. Generosity among TroubleMakers who have shared their stories and networks.

Photo credit: Trouble

What about your personal background, experience, or perspective fuels your passion for this venture?

The lack of access and power for so many women and the resulting widespread equity gaps. I have personally experienced a range of subtle to overt to aggressive obstacles. The current setbacks for women associated with COVID make the need for progress now especially compelling.

What have been one or two of the biggest learnings so far?

We’ve come a long way, maybe; meaning there has been progress worthy of celebrating yet we have much further to go. The COVID Shecession shines a light on the structural flaws that exist in our homes and workplaces.

What are a surprise or two that you’ve encountered as an entrepreneur?

Surprised and delighted with the generosity of former colleagues who want to be a part of Trouble’s work.

How can the WAFFA community help you?

Grow awareness for Trouble and encourage people to join our email list and follow us on social channels.

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